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Who We Are and What We Do | About Us

Hello there, fellow traveller, we are two passionate young people who quit 9-to-5 jobs to go and explore the world and work while being location independent. We want to teach you the best there is about travel, adventure and seeing the world on the budget! Let’s get to know who we are and what we do.

Who We Are and What We Do


Portrait of us by the docks in the Netherlands right after we decided to quit 9-5

We Quit 9 – 5. How did we get there?


We were born in Latvia (a super tiny country in the North of Europe). After graduating from high school we decided to move to The Netherlands. And it was the best decision ever! Why? Because we both obtained our bachelor’s degrees there, Linda is a legal professional and Kris is a finance guru. We worked in The Netherlands, had some great time and saved some money to get us started with our passion. Travelling! We decided to quit 9-to-5 and leave our comfortable world behind for something unknown and adventurous.

Our aim is to provide the best, useful travel content and best, honest travel guides there are! Every day we work hard to make this dream a reality! When we succeed, we will be able to travel the world continuously and become fully location independent while doing what we love. Thus, we will be able to keep sharing our experiences and help inspire fellow passionate young adventurous spirits to chase their dreams, no matter what. We will make it happen, whatever it takes!


Angkor wat travel guide

Linda in her natural habitat, exploring secret places

Works as a freelance content writer and editor and writes about our adventures on this blog, while also building Travel Lit Instagram Profile and shooting some gorgeous travel photos. She works with brands in creating stunning ads and campaigns, often where her photos are featured. Since Linda was a child she had a passion for photography, and it took only 24 years to discover that this is what makes her happy, even more than fresh baguettes and puppies! Linda loves talking, getting to know people and communicating with people from all over the world, that is why probably she has a friend in every single city in the world. Also, she might be the fastest researcher there is, as once we hit a new city, she already knows how to get around, how much transportation costs and what we have to see. It might be a super-power of some kind. 



about us who we are

Kris looking for the best angle for the shot


He is following his passion for videography and creating beautiful travel videos, cinematic vlogs and spending most of the nights editing and learning new skills to share them all on YouTube and later teach everyone who’s willing to listen. Kris studied business and wore suits until he realized that he has an artistic side, and it is not only about creating beautiful invoices. Now Kris carries a camera bag, drone bag and a stabilizer bag everywhere he goes (even to the grocery store, really) and flip-flops most of the time, chasing sunsets and sunrises and the most unusual angles. He is obsessed with learning new things and sharing his knowledge in an easy, understandable way to all the cinematography enthusiasts out there. 


Why are we different?


We do not want to be another “how to travel the world for free” blog/video/tutorial trying to sell advice that we would not take. It is just two passionate, young travellers wanting to share the love for travel and show you that travel does not have to be expensive or difficult.

You might ask why did we leave our comfortable office chairs and life routines in the first place? Well, because, as the time passed we realized that we are wild souls. Yes, wild souls and restless spirits. These kinds of people are not meant to be trapped in tall office buildings. We prefer beautiful views, like-minded people, new cultures, adventures and constant self-development and fulfilment. This world is such a beautiful place. And in the end – it is all that matters. Living with no regrets. Until this given day we have not met a person who regretted trying to start their own business or follow their passions and travel this amazing world. Your house and work will still be there if you decide that this is not for you. Well, at least that is our mindset.


this is us TravelLit


What to expect from us?

If you love travelling, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and (as a bonus) believe that working from a laptop anywhere in the world is possible – you are in the right place. If you love reading about travel hacks, travel tips and great ways how to stick to the budget – seek no further. Comprehensive city and country travel guides and itineraries as well as the absolute best places to eat, shop and stay will be all shared with you! 

We stay true to everything we encounter during our travels, so everyone, who may be interested receives only honest information. Be it:

How to travel on 25 € / 28 $ a day per person (or more, depending on the destination),

What to see in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Peru, Guatemala, France, Czech Republic etc., (See the Destinations menu)

How to develop a location independent lifestyle and become a digital nomad

Possibilities to volunteer and get by to save money and how to get around cheaply

How to manage nomadic lifestyle to make it last

Where to eat (hidden gems) and How to get around

Where to stay for your next vacation


Connect with us!


Also, this site has a personal touch, because we have promised many of our friends that we will keep them updated about all the crazy and adventurous things we do. Thus, you will get to know us! You won’t have much of a choice if you decide to follow our story, haha. We put or heart in what we do.

We hope you will find this page educational or at least the information provided to be useful for your future travels. If you are here just for fun, we love to have you around as well! We love meeting new people and acquiring friends worldwide! Shoot us a message if you are nearby!


Feel free to follow our travel vlogs and destination guides on social media:

Youtube @TravelLit

Instagram @Travellitoriginal

If you feel particularly adventurous – like our Facebook page:

@TravelLit Linda & Kris.

Last but not least is our Twitter account where quite often we update you all on which stranded island we have landed this time, that has a wifi fast as lightning:


If you stumbled upon this because you are looking forward to working with us, feel free to inquire about our MediaKit and check out what we can do for you under Work With Us section.


We will leave you with this:

/ To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live. / – Hans Christian Andersen

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