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Top 10 best vlogging cameras for 2018
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top 10 best vlogging cameras for 2018

Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2018

Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras 2018

best vlogging cameras 2018

What kind of vlogger are you?


The first step before picking up the best vlogging camera for you is to define what kind of vlogs you want to create. Will it be mostly you or other people talking? Or do you have a real passion for creating cinematic sequences and using drones and kind of creating a visual little film that’s also a vlog. No matter what answer you had it’s actually going to dramatically set the type of vlogging camera that you are going to use. We have used several different cameras to either take cinematic short video clips or trying to capture the most stunning landscapes and integrate them into our vlogs. So in this blog post, we are going to show you the top 10 best vlogging cameras 2018. Of course, based on our own honest opinions.

In this blog post, we will try to analyze the pros and cons of these cameras to help you pick the best vlogging camera! Hopefully, you will find the perfect match.

As a side note. We mostly shoot on iPhone X and Sony A7R II because we are experimenting with a new style. Don’t judge us too fast – we will try to explain that in our next blog. However, in this blog post, we will analyze Canon and Sony cameras mostly, because let’s be honest those two brands are the top player in the field. 

First category – You talking to the camera

So let’s say that you wanna start out your vlogging carrier with mostly you or someone else talking to the camera. The great example would be Joey Graceffa or even Logan Paul. Well, there are three camera setups that we could recommend for this type of use. You will make fun of it but the first one is right in your pocket (Yes – going back to our iPhone X) – your smartphone.


Entry level

 iPhone X


iPhone X (or any other smartphone) is the best tool to get the most natural reflection out either of yourself or anyone around you. Not to mention that most smartphones (at least those released recently) shoot slow motion, they shoot 4k and time-lapses. They do mostly everything that other cameras do in this lineup. And most importantly it is always with you right in your pocket – and it’s always charged.



Canon G7X Mark ii and Sony Rx100 Mark v

*We combined the second and third setup. But let’s say that you are looking for something with a little bit more production value. Also, you wanna step into the world of cameras and honestly you don’t wanna use your phone for vlogs.

So we would recommend Canon G7X Mark ii or the Sony Rx100 Mark v. Canon is super reliable and has great battery life and is a steal for only 650 USD. Nevertheless, it also has a built-in time-lapse mode that can shoot 60 fps in 1080p and the footage comes out always exactly like you’d expect it. It is just so reliable.


If you can spend the extra 300 USD go for the Sony. The Sony Rx100 Mark v is just so much better, that it would make Canon users lay their heads down. It looks exactly the same shape and size as Canon but it shoots 240 fps slow-motion and it shoots 4k videos as well. It has electric viewfinder and image stabilization. And it has a lightning-fast autofocus and Zeiss lens. Those features make it just the best low budget vlogging and cinematography camera. Honestly, for the point and shoot camera, we have not seen anything that stands even close to Sony Rx100 Mark v.


The second category – “Casey Neistat” style


So let’s say that you wanna step up your game and do more than just talk to the camera and you want to start to craft your stories. Show them to your audience rather than just tell them. If you are up for that you can look at Casey Neistat’s content. He does not create overly crazy production value but the stories that he makes work the bells and whistles. It’s just a very good medium of production value and also professional level gear.

To be able to get certain shots and lead your audience on this journey you will have to step up your game. You’re going to want the ability to switch lenses and to shoot manual modes, nevertheless, to have overall a little bit more control. This category is not for travel filmmakers or the photography lovers or the crazy slow-motion nuts. This is a normal category for the upper level of vlogging.


Canon 70D

For many years this category was dominated by this setup – Canon 70D with the GorillaPod, wide-angle lens and a Rode microphone. A similar setup would work for Canon 80D. It is the classic “Casey Neistat” setup. That is the standard vlogging setup that you want to have. But there are good reasons for that. Canon 70D has a ton of good features that actually make vlogging a lot easier. Most notably the flip-out screen is just incredible. Also, you will see that in this blog post most of the cameras are lacking the flip-out screen, the one feature that makes vlogging a lot easier.

Having a flip-out screen allows you to make cool framings and see what you are actually pointing at. It is just so crucial when it comes to vlogging. Also, the camera has incredibly fast and reliable autofocus. But the biggest advantage is that it can take a beating. You can drop it on your table or shake it around your backpack and it will be totally fine. However, Canon has put the microphone on the side of the camera so you will have to put a ridiculous-looking microphone on top of your camera to get a usable audio. To be honest, nothing makes people more nervous then putting a huge camera in their face with a ridiculous microphone. Basically going like this – “You want to say that on record?”. But Canon 70D has gone unchallenged in the vlogging world for the past three to four years. Basically, because every camera that came out after Canon 70D did not have that flip-out screen. Even Sony missed out on the market just to release the camera with-out flip-out screen.


Canon 6D Mark ii

It was only until Canon 6D Mark ii came out and guess what it got – a freaking flip-out screen. It’s finally a full-frame camera with a 26-megapixel image sensor, with a flip-out screen, built-in time-lapse mode, the ability to shoot 60 fps in 1080p. And most importantly now when it has full-frame it can take Canon L series lenses. But unfortunately, Canon forgot the ability to make it shoot 4K. What the heck?! It is 2018 and our iPhones can shoot 4k but for some unknown reasons massive Canon 6D Mark ii cannot. For anyone who owns Canon L series lenses – this camera is really good news. But if you are just starting out and do not earn actual income with your camera as a tool – be very cautious when choosing one. For this camera lenses go from a couple hundred dollars each to a couple thousand dollars each. Even though it might sound that we are praising 6D. The 70D might still actually be the camera for you.


The third category – Travel vlogging and photographic filmmaking


Finally, we have come to the category of travel vlogging and photographic filmmaking (not sure if that’s a thing). This is the category for the guys like – Sam Kolder, devinsupertramp, Peter McKinnon and ton of the videos that Sawyer Hartman makes. So this is the category where you are traveling to the world’s most beautiful locations shooting videos for brands or whatever it is. You are looking to capture the world in a manner that is as cinematic as possible. If you are in social media and your title says that you can do “everything”, then your camera needs to do everything. Mainly there are four cameras in this category so we will try to start very small and just build up from there.

GoPro Hero 6

First is the GoPro Hero 6. Vlogging on a GoPro is definitely a look. Although, we are not the biggest fans when it comes to vlogging on action cameras. But this might be the perfect camera for a travel filmmaker that does not want to be weighted down by the amount and weight of excessive gear that you need to carry around when travelling. Or this is the camera if you are the filmmaker that wants to focus on the actual experience.

There are some downsides to the GoPro. It tends to randomly shut down and the audio sucks. But GoPro makes the lacking audio up with having different frame rate resolutions. And the ability to literally go anywhere and do anything, plus capture RAW photos. But if you choose to go with this camera make sure that you bring a lot of batteries and even more mounts. Remember to have fun and be extra creative because that is the main reason why you are using a GoPro in the first place.

Sony Rx100 Mark v

The next camera in this category is yet again – Sony Rx100 Mark v. We already discussed this previously. But we just need to point out that this camera has the ability to have slow-motion, time-lapse, an electronic viewfinder, a flip-out screen and RAW photos. The ability to fit it into your pocket is just something unique. This is the number one best budget camera in our top 10 best vlogging cameras 2018. 

Canon 6D

*And again the Canon 6D could have been the great contender for this category but Canon disability to give as a 120 fps slow-motion was the big deciding factor for our review in this section. We just love a good slow-motion. And even though it has 60 fps, the 120 and 60 fps slow-motion is a big difference if you are looking for the more cinematic film look.

Canon 1dx Mark ii

So this brings us to the big boy of this section – the Canon 1dx Mark ii. You may think that we are crazy considering this massive camera for this category and vlogging in general. But so do Supertramp, Peter McKinnon, mkbhd and many other famous YouTubers. Nevertheless, this is a very capable camera. And once you start putting microphones on you cameras – they become the same size as 1dx. The one really big advantage for 1dx is that Canon has put the mic in front and you can even use this camera without external microphones. It has a truly reliable internal microphone. 

*Sony A9 and a7r iii

Also the pretty much everything that can be said about Canon 1dx also goes for the Sony a9 and Sony a7r iii as long as you are using Sony lenses with them. Which is also our top choice.




When some of you are thinking about vlogging you might be thinking about saying just enough to the camera to be able to get to that next really cool cinematic montage. Maybe your daily vlogging consists of you just chasing cool shoots around the city, country or even around the world. If you love slow-motion then it just got to be a 120 fps or more to catch those true details and 1dx does slow-motion flawlessly. Also since 1dx naturally does such a good image exposure you might not feel the need for a flip-out screen. However, it would be a truly good advantage – making this the ultimate vlogging camera.

Nevertheless, the autofocus is picture-perfect and it has the ability to shoot 25000 ISO without any grain so even shooting at night will not be a problem for Canon 1dx. Maybe Sony would have been better or an equivalent option but if you own Canon L series lenses then you would have to buy a completely new set of lenses. To be honest Canon 1dx takes the number one spot in the top 10 best vlogging cameras for 2018 those who are into cinematic travel vlogs. 


Final thoughts


Hope that you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best vlogging cameras 2018. To be honest, your vlog is only going to be as good as your story that you are able to tell. Sure that there are plenty of tools that give you the ability to make more cinematic and interesting videos. But ultimately it is your story that is going to set your vlogs apart from others. So now we have come to a place where we would like to hear what kind of vlogging cameras are you using? Have you found something that really stands out and you really like? Give us your thought in the comment section below.

Once we will have the time and the actual cameras with us we will make the comprehensive video guide on how to shoot on each individual camera. Let us know if you would like to see that. Currently, we are travelling and we prefer lightweight gear as much as possible.

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