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philippines travel itinerary


Philippines Travel Itinerary – Ultimate Travel Guide The Philippines, oh, Philippines. It is a dream destination for many, including us, because – who can resist those crystal clear beaches and the laid-back island life? This country consists of more than 7000 islands and you can never visit them all. 4 weeks in the Philippines is a perfect amount of time…

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sunshine blogger award 2018

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 | Spread the Love

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018   Whaaaaaat? We got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018! Well, that’s unexpected! We did not even know such award existed, not even thinking of receiving it. That definitely brought some sunshine to our day! We got nominated by @Roadsandrunways – Richard & Sarah, two travel bloggers from the United Kingdom. Without further ado, let’s…

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where to stay in guatemala hotel guide

Where to stay in Guatemala? | Best Hotel Guide

Where to stay in Guatemala?   Finally, the day has come, you are going to Guatemala! What an experience, we are excited for you already! However, before you go, it is important to have it all figured out. Hopefully, you have studied as much as you can about the country. Only one question is left – Where to stay in…

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2 week itinerary - planning a trip to vietnam


Planning a Trip to Vietnam – 2 Week Itinerary Finally, you have booked the tickets to beautiful Vietnam for your next holiday! Vietnam is such an amazing country and it will definitely leave you speechless. If I was you, I would already be jumping up and down in and could not wait for the 2 week Vietnam trip. However, the…

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24 hours in new york city

24 Hours in New York City | Stopover Guide

24 Hours in New York City – Things to Do for Free Oh, New York. The famous concrete jungle that never sleeps. A place where dreams come true. Like in that song… Well, it is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. Even if you are not a big city fan, like we, New York is unique. Everyone…

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backpacking Guatemala things to know before you go

Backpacking Guatemala Things To Know Before You Go

Backpacking Guatemala things to know before you go Guatemala is a country with a mix of cultures, great food, beautiful music and always changing weather. Commonly known as of one of the most dangerous capital cities in the world – Guatemala City and the whole country of Guatemala holds a notorious name. However, do not get put off just too…

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what to see in koh samui

What to See in Koh Samui | Vlog and Accommodation Guide

What to see in Koh Samui – Vlog and Accommodation Guide We have finally reached the beautiful island of Koh Samui. This is the day number 7 with our moms in Thailand. ” What to see in Koh Samui? ” we asked ourselves before we embarked on the scenic trip to this Thai Island.  Without hesitation, we started researching on…

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most cinematic gimbal movements

Most Cinematic Gimbal Movements

Which are the most cinematic gimbal movements? I gave another shot to giving back some of the knowledge about the cinematography and filmmaking that I have learned in the past months. I truly love that I can share my knowledge that allowed me to make better and more cinematic videos with you guys. In this tutorial I am discussing how…

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video transitions

6 Easy Camera Transitions

Today I wanted to share a piece of knowledge that I’ve learned recently. 6 easy camera transitions that can help you to improve or to spice up your vlogs. Check out the video to see my interpretation of these in-camera transitions that will require minimal or non post-production editing. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! 6 Easy Camera Transitions 1. Simple…

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lovina beach bali where to stay

Where to Stay in Lovina Beach Bali?

Where to stay in Lovina Beach Bali? Lovina Beach is such a beautiful place in Bali. Most know Lovina Beach because of the dolphin watching tours, which are amazing. However, Lovina Beach is not just that. It offers tranquil accommodations away from crowded Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak etc. Lovina Beach is the great Bali escape! Local culture, food, hospitality and black,…

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