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what to see in koh samui

What to See in Koh Samui | Vlog and Accommodation Guide

What to see in Koh Samui – Vlog and Accommodation Guide We have finally reached the beautiful island of Koh Samui. This is the day number 7 with our moms in Thailand. ” What to see in Koh Samui? ” we asked ourselves before we embarked on the scenic trip to this Thai Island.  Without hesitation, we started researching on…

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most cinematic gimbal movements

Most Cinematic Gimbal Movements

Which are the most cinematic gimbal movements? I gave another shot to giving back some of the knowledge about the cinematography and filmmaking that I have learned in the past months. I truly love that I can share my knowledge that allowed me to make better and more cinematic videos with you guys. In this tutorial I am discussing how…

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video transitions

6 Easy Camera Transitions

Today I wanted to share a piece of knowledge that I’ve learned recently. 6 easy camera transitions that can help you to improve or to spice up your vlogs. Check out the video to see my interpretation of these in-camera transitions that will require minimal or non post-production editing. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! 6 Easy Camera Transitions 1. Simple…

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Most Famous Temples in Bangkok – weekly vlog

Today we went to explore temples in Bangkok. Well, we have to say that Wat Arun and Wat Pho are the most beautiful temples in the city. If you have limited time in Bangkok – go for those two sights. The Bangkok heat, many tourists and long distances are all worth the struggle to see the beautiful religious sights. We…

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Explore Phuket off the beaten path

Explore Phuket off the beaten path – weekly blog

Last week we had the chance to explore Phuket off the beaten path. We have been to Phuket before, but the last time we visited was a disaster. It was raining 3 days in a row, with a storm and floods as a great conclusion to our trip. This time we were lucky and had the best weather for all…

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Chatuchak Market Bangkok

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok – Travel Vlog

Another day in our lives – visiting Chatuchak market in Bangkok – travel vlog We decided to spend our Sunday at the Chatachak market in Bangkok. Chatuchak market is Bangkok’s most famous weekend market. It is a great place where to spend your Sunday- just wandering around the market – all the colourful clothes, souvenirs, animals, you name it –…

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Bangkok vlog day 1

Places in Bangkok – great dinning experience

Where are we now? So probably you are wondering (we hope that you are) what’s been going on with us? We haven’t been too active on our social platforms. The main reason for that was because we spend one month travelling around the Philippines – and to be honest the internet connection is not so stable if any. Thus, after…

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