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malta itinerary

Best Malta Itinerary | WHAT TO DO IN MALTA

Visiting Malta? Well, it might be the best decision you have made lately! And we are here to tell you exactly why this small but impressive Mediterranean island will leave you speechless. We have created the best Malta itinerary that covers such things as what to do in Malta, where to stay in Malta, where to eat and where to party!…

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budget solo travel adventures

Budget Solo Travel Adventures: 18 and Alone in Hawaii

With my neck red-raw from sunburn, my fingers blistering and my t-shirt drenched in four days worth of sweat, one of my first few weeks of solo travelling was anything but relaxing. Before beginning my six-month world trip as an anxious yet inquisitive eighteen-year-old Brit, I had been on a whole variety of family holidays and a couple of independent…

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best travel filmmaking gear 2018


Best Travel Filmmaking Gear We get asked this question a lot – what gear do you use to film your vlogs, short movies and travel guides? How do you take your Instagram photos? How do you edit them? And finally, finally, we have put together the list of the best travel filmmaking gear. We have written about what travel gear…

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what to do in nice

WHAT TO DO IN NICE, FRANCE | 10 Best Things to Do

What to Do in Nice, France   Ahh, the beautiful French Riviera. Nice is the perfect getaway from the cold Northern European winters or grey autumns. It is a perfect close destination to soak up some sunshine. Nice is just a short flight away from everywhere around Europe and will definitely give you that sun boosts any time of the…

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sunshine blogger award 2018

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 | Spread the Love

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018   Whaaaaaat? We got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018! Well, that’s unexpected! We did not even know such award existed, not even thinking of receiving it. That definitely brought some sunshine to our day! We got nominated by @Roadsandrunways – Richard & Sarah, two travel bloggers from the United Kingdom. Without further ado, let’s…

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most cinematic gimbal movements

Most Cinematic Gimbal Movements

Which are the most cinematic gimbal movements? I gave another shot to giving back some of the knowledge about the cinematography and filmmaking that I have learned in the past months. I truly love that I can share my knowledge that allowed me to make better and more cinematic videos with you guys. In this tutorial I am discussing how…

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video transitions

6 Easy Camera Transitions

Today I wanted to share a piece of knowledge that I’ve learned recently. 6 easy camera transitions that can help you to improve or to spice up your vlogs. Check out the video to see my interpretation of these in-camera transitions that will require minimal or non post-production editing. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! 6 Easy Camera Transitions 1. Simple…

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Most Famous Temples in Bangkok – weekly vlog

Today we went to explore temples in Bangkok. Well, we have to say that Wat Arun and Wat Pho are the most beautiful temples in the city. If you have limited time in Bangkok – go for those two sights. The Bangkok heat, many tourists and long distances are all worth the struggle to see the beautiful religious sights. We…

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Explore Phuket off the beaten path

Explore Phuket off the beaten path – weekly blog

Last week we had the chance to explore Phuket off the beaten path. We have been to Phuket before, but the last time we visited was a disaster. It was raining 3 days in a row, with a storm and floods as a great conclusion to our trip. This time we were lucky and had the best weather for all…

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what to see in vietnam travel guide

WHAT TO SEE IN VIETNAM | Vietnam Travel Guide

 What to See in Vietnam – Travel Guide 2018   Vietnam is one of the top destinations in South East Asia. No wonder why, as this gorgeous country has so much to offer. And with the Vietnam tourism rising more and more people keep asking us, what to see in Vietnam. There is no short guide for that as you…

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