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malta itinerary

Best Malta Itinerary | WHAT TO DO IN MALTA

Visiting Malta? Well, it might be the best decision you have made lately! And we are here to tell you exactly why this small but impressive Mediterranean island will leave you speechless. We have created the best Malta itinerary that covers such things as what to do in Malta, where to stay in Malta, where to eat and where to party! A great combination with a little bit of everything to make your summer holiday unforgettable. Let’s dive in!


malta itinerary

Gozo Island might surprise you


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What to know before you go?


Getting Around


The tiny island of Malta has one hell of a traffic system. We are almost sure every Maltese owns a car so traffic congestions are inevitable during peak hours. Also, Maltese seem to be very confident drivers so make sure that if you rent a car you have a full insurance.

Public transportation is the cheapest and the easiest way to get around. It is also the longest way. Some routes that would be 15 minutes with a car will be 1 hour with the bus. However, one bus ride costs EUR 2 and a week pass cost EUR 21. Buses will take you anywhere on the island and if you are looking for some less accessible places, we assure you can walk from the end bus station and reach them as well. Here you can see all the bus routes and almost reliable schedules.

Renting a car might be the most convenient option but take our advice and be careful, haha. Everything is close in Malta so you will not have to worry about driving long distances and spending much on gas. Parking is also quite easy to find off the main streets.

Taxi is the most expensive option as one 5 km taxi ride would cost around EUR 15. If you are traveling with 4 people it is possible to split the price, however, the rides will add up and the expenses will be on the high side. Use Taxify App to book your rides and see the exact prices!



Best Malta Itinerary – 7 Days


malta itinerary

Sunsets to die for.

Valletta – Day 1


Valletta is the capital of Malta. It is a truly amazing place with narrow hilly streets and unique architecture. And you will have a glimpse of seafront wherever you go.

Barrakka Gardens were our favorite place to visit in Valletta. Visit the Lower Barrakka Gardens, grab a glass of wine or a beer and walk around the beautiful place. Head up to Upper Barrakka Gardens and be awarded a beautiful view of the three cities – Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua. These cities hold so much of the Maltese history and quite surely the view will leave you speechless.


malta itinerary valletta

Enjoying the scenic views in Valletta

Valletta Waterfront is a great place to have a walk and enjoy a nice cocktail or a fancy lunch with a view.

Take the boat taxi or the ferry for around EUR 2 over to Birgu. Birgu is only 0.5 square kilometers big but it packs a bunch of places to see. The Malta Maritime Museum, The Inquisitor’s Palace and The Church of Saint Lawrence are to name just a few.


St Julians and Sliema – Day 2


Start your morning with a stroll on the Sliema promenade. Enjoy the views and perhaps dip in one of the many public pools.

It is time to eat! Himu in Gzira is a great traditional Italian place, which serves the best pizza in town. Approved by locals and trusted by us, Himu is a place to grab a bite. Himu is budget friendly and always offers sharp service. After a great meal get ready for an evening at Paceville.

Paceville is the famous pub and club district in St Julians. There is not a bad day to party when in Malta, so whichever day you choose to visit Paceville, you will have a blast. Paceville actually reminded us of a little Ibiza, just affordable, win-win. Our favorite places for great drink deals were Beggars Inn Pub and The Beer Garden. We also really enjoyed The Playground, which has some awesome DJs playing every night and the venue itself holds a magical vibe. The vibe gets even more magical when you know it’s open until 7 am. Malta never sleeps.


Comino Island – Day 3


Comino Island is a must in your Malta itinerary and the crystal blue water will leave you in awe. Actually, we felt like we were back in The Philippines with the water so blue. Also, apparently there are only a few people living on the island and apart from the beautiful waters, cliffs and chill spots there are only a few tourist shops and St. Mary’s Tower.

Rather than taking the traditional tour with one of the agencies you can get to Comino Island by yourself. In Sliema get on the bus #222 heading to Il Cerkiwwa and jump out on the bus stop Ahrax. You will see signs pointing to Comino Island boat. Roundtrip costs EUR 10. On the way to Comino Island, the boat will stop to show tourists cliffs and caves accessible only from the water.

Comino Island has no shade and snack prices are quite more expensive due to the huge amount of tourists and the location, of course. Pack a damn strong sunscreen and some extra bottles of water for the day.


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malta itinerary

Views from the stunning viewpoints all across the Comino Island

What to see in Comino?


There are a few spectacular places you have to visit on Comino Island. One of them is Santa Maria Caves. Lantern Point is a beautiful viewpoint you cannot miss as well. Most likely you will be the only person there, so – enjoy the serenity. Obviously, the main tourist attraction is the Blue Lagoon.  It is absolutely stunning to look at from afar and it is very relaxing to swim in.

Tip: Come early and leave before the midday heat and before most of the tourists arrive. Also, keep in mind that the last boat back to Malta leaves around 6 pm, so do not miss it!



malta itinerary

This is exactly how blue the water is in Blue Lagoon.



On your way back you can jump out of the bus and visit Popeye Village. The village is a purpose-built film set for the movie Popeye (Robin Williams was the main star, yay). Nowadays the village serves as an open-air museum which has a cinema showing the documentary of the making of the film. It is quite a nice place to explore for an hour or so.


Gozo Island and Malta Pub Crawl – Day 4


Take a day trip to Gozo Island. Gozo has so much to offer apart from the Azure Window which was the main tourist attraction before it collapsed. Gozo island trip should be another must in your Malta itinerary. You can arrange a day-trip via Marco Polo Hostel (recommended) or do it on your own similar to Comino Island day trip. The ferry to Gozo costs EUR 4.50 roundtrip and you pay upon returning to Malta.


malta itinerary

Narrow streets of Victoria


What to See in Gozo?


The capital of Gozo – Victoria is beautiful. Take your time and visit St. George’s Basilica and wander off the beaten path and into the quiet streets of Victoria. Once you leave the central square where all the tourists roam, you will discover stunning narrow streets that will charm you from head to toes.

You have to visit the Citadel which beautifully overlooks the city of Victoria. It was once the acropolis of the Punic-Roman city of Gaulos. Later on, it was reformed to be a castle and has gone through many rulers and served multiple purposes.

The Ramla Bay and its red sand beach have to be your next stop. It is a beautiful sandy beach (one of the few in Malta) where you can lay, sunbathe and enjoy some beach activities. However, our favorite part about the Ramla Bay is the cave. If you walk all the way down the beach to the right you will end up at a path leading up to the cave. Keep left once on the path and you will reach the cave in about 30 minutes. Of course, you can drive up the cave from the other side and reach it from the top, but that takes all the fun and adventure away.


malta itinerary

View from the Ramla Bay Cave

The Inland Sea is another great place to check out when in Gozo. It is a lagoon of seawater linked to the Medditerean through an opening formed by a natural arch. It was Jacques Custeau’s one of the most favorite diving spots.

The Blue Hole is located right next to The Inland Sea so do not miss this beautiful sight. It is where the Azure Window used to stand, however, fret not, as the views are still beautiful and worth the trip. If you are into diving, it might be the best diving spot you will find in Malta. Snorkeling is also a popular thing to do at the Blue Hole.


Malta Pub Crawl


After a long day of exploring you have earned a couple of drinks. Or more! Make sure to join the Malta Pub Crawl in the evening. The party starts rocking on Mondays & Fridays in Paceville and Tuesdays in Valletta. Pub Crawl is a great way to meet new people, find the best bars and have loads of fun. The cool thing is that the crawl starts with 30 minutes free-flow shots at Marco Polo Hostel. And it goes on… Well, this is a really fun way to wrap up a great day of exploring or just get the night started.


malta itinerary

That is exactly how Malta Pub Crawl can be explained in 1 picture


St Peter’s Pool and Marsaxlokk – Day 5


You might struggle to get up early after the party the night before. Yet, the best time to go to St Peter’s Pool is as early as possible. Best photos and the whole place to yourself guaranteed. St Peter’s Pool is a natural swimming pool with the sea crystal clear in amazing azure and green colors. It is a perfect snorkeling and chilling spot. For the more adventurous spirits – you can do cliff jumping here. It is a lot of fun and you easily can spend the whole day here. Make sure you pack some drinks and snacks as there are not many vendors around the area.

After a relaxing day head over for a dinner at the fisherman village – Marsaxlokk.  There is a large market taking place around the whole village every Sunday and tourists markets throughout the week. If this is not the place for the freshest seafood, really, where is it?

Hunters Tower is a place where no one can be disappointed. The food is made of the freshest ingredients, cooked to the perfection and served beautifully. Great service for reasonable prices.  Locals love it, so we do too.


Ghajn Tuffieha and Lazy Pirate Boat Party – Day 6



Ghajn Tuffieha is our favorite beach in Malta. The surroundings are beautiful and the beach itself has a magic vibe to it. If you haven’t had enough sun, head over to the beach early to catch some sun rays.

Our by far most favorite thing to do at this beach is surfing or paddle surfing on calm water days. Who wouldn’t like to learn surfing or just go for a great session while in Malta? The best service and the friendliest smiles are offered by Malta Surf School and the school’s great owner Cicco. We haven’t seen a smile bigger than his and passion for surfing and teaching as great as Cicco’s. Just reach out to his Facebook Page to arrange a great surf anytime, any day.

After a great surf and another great day at the beach, it’s time to head to the Lazy Pirate Boat Party. Well, we have been to many all you can drink boat parties across the world, but this one was by far the best one we visited. The drink offers, the DJ, the activities, snacks, drinking games and all you could ask from a great boat party was there. For a really reasonable price for the European boat parties at only EUR 39, you get around 5 hours of free flow drinks and everything that comes with it. The boat party takes place every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so make sure to enjoy it at least once.


malta itinerary

Sunset at Ghajn Tuffieha beach

Mdina and the Southern Region – Day 7


Mdina is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the old capital of Malta. Well, if we had to name our favorite city in Malta, Mdina wins the crown. Also, this might be another highlight of your Malta itinerary. Interestingly, Mdina is also called the Silent City and if you visit early in the morning, you will see why. Mdina is something to behold and experience and it is exactly as seen on the postcards. Museums, Cathedrals, Bastion views, the list is endless.



Malta itinerary

The beautiful streets of Mdina


What to see in the Southern Region?


Dingli cliffs are a beautiful natural site in Malta. At Dingli cliffs you can enjoy hours of walking and relaxation, however, the views are particularly attractive during the sunset. Dingli cliffs are the highest point in Malta at around 253 meters above sea level.

Ghar Lapsi Divesite and caves are a popular dive destination. However, it also offers a very nice place to swim, sunbathe and relax on the cliffs. It is a very special little place. You can have a lunch at one of the many small restaurants and enjoy the stunning view.

Hagar Qim Temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are the best-preserved temples in Malta and are believed to be around 5000 years old. A must visit for everyone particularly interested in history. The entrance fee is EUR 10.

Blue Grotto might be the most famous one of the sights in the area. It is a complex of 7 caves with the most spectacular one being a 30 meters high arch. The easiest way to amaze the beautiful natural sight is to take a boat tour which costs roughly EUR 8.  In case the weather is rough there is a viewpoint from which you can enjoy the sight, however, we would recommend a boat trip if weather permits. We should point out that Blue Grotto is extremely popular and gets very busy during the summer months. You would be best off visiting early in the morning.


Where to eat?

After a long day exploring the beautiful sights and sticking to your Malta itinerary it’s time for another great dinner. This time at Diar Il-Bniet which serves amazingly fresh local produce. It is a family run restaurant with traditional values that are brought to you through their dishes. The restaurant offers many tours and activities, such as amazing cooking classes.


malta itinerary

Diar Il Bniet Restaurant in the quiet Dingli village


Tip: We would recommend arranging the itinerary so you are at the Dingli cliffs for the sunset, thus a walkable distance away from Diar Il Bniet for the dinner time. Thus, the itinerary would be Mdina – Blue Grotto – Hagar Qim Temples – Ghar Lapsi – Dingli Cliffs – Diar Il Bniet.


Where to stay in Malta?


Marco Polo Hostel

Marco Polo Hostel is the best place for budget backpackers visiting Malta. It has a great rooftop area where you can sunbathe, cill, have drinks at the bar and participate in several activities. The Marco Polo Team takes great care of their guests and always have amazing activities in mind. We truly recommend booking the Gozo Island and Comino Island trips with them for very reasonable prices. Even if you are not staying at Marco Polo the day trips can be arranged and will be great fun!


malta itinerary

Marco Polo rooftop bar and terrace never sleeps


Fisherman’s Cove Guesthouse

If you are looking for more serenity and being closer to the beaches and nature make sure to check out Fisherman’s Cove Guesthouse. Beautifully decorated, clean rooms, rooftop pool, and breakfast included. Away from the hustle and bustle in the middle or Marsaxlokk, in case you are looking for peace.



malta itinerary



Guys, any questions about this Malta itinerary? Feel free to reach out in the comments or on any of our social media! Make sure to check out our vlogs from Malta to get the real feel of our time there and the things we did!

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