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2 weeks in cuba


Cuba, baby! The most amazing, exotic and authentic place we have ever been to. It is magical. It is definitely one of a kind. And, yes, we say that a lot, but this time we mean it. The people, the music on the streets, the cars and the history, it is all unique to Cuba. Let’s dive in and have…

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Best Travel tech accessories

11 Best Travel Tech Accessories for 2018

Thinking about traveling, planning your next travel adventure or being already on the road and experiencing your travels get almost everyone super excited, right?  Yea, vacations, and travelling is fun, but losing your luggage, drowning your phone or not being able to connect your laptop to wifi can be a big bummer and a huge drag to your whole trip.…

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best travel watches

BEST TRAVEL WATCHES – The Perfect Gift for a Traveler

We all know how bad it is to miss a flight if your phone is dead or you do not have a reliable watch. Schedules and perfect timing are a very crucial part of every traveler’s life. Well, that’s why we are here to help you choose the best travel watch. There are so many brands out there that making…

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malta itinerary

Best Malta Itinerary | WHAT TO DO IN MALTA

Visiting Malta? Well, it might be the best decision you have made lately! And we are here to tell you exactly why this small but impressive Mediterranean island will leave you speechless. We have created the best Malta itinerary that covers such things as what to do in Malta, where to stay in Malta, where to eat and where to party!…

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jordan itinerary

The Best Jordan Itinerary – Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is an amazing country located in the Middle East. It is amazingly welcoming to tourists and safe to visit, trust us! It has some quite infamous neighbours such as Syria and Iraq and some other beautiful Middle East countries such as Israel and Lebanon. The people of Jordan are open-hearted, the food is amazing and the deserts will leave you…

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budget solo travel adventures

Budget Solo Travel Adventures: 18 and Alone in Hawaii

With my neck red-raw from sunburn, my fingers blistering and my t-shirt drenched in four days worth of sweat, one of my first few weeks of solo travelling was anything but relaxing. Before beginning my six-month world trip as an anxious yet inquisitive eighteen-year-old Brit, I had been on a whole variety of family holidays and a couple of independent…

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langkawi travel guide

LANGKAWI TRAVEL GUIDE | Top Things to Do in Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful Malaysian island with beaches that could compete with famous Thailand sandy getaways. The water is also equally beautiful and clear. However, what trumps Langkawi over Thailand islands is that Langkawi is way less crowded and so you feel like you have been awarded a slice of paradise. In this Langkawi Travel Guide let’s have a look…

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2 weeks in cambodia

2 WEEKS IN CAMBODIA | Complete Travel Itinerary

2 Weeks in Cambodia Itinerary You are traveling to Cambodia! Great decision! Cambodia is a beautiful country, just regaining its strength after going through a very rough time. Tourism is very important for country’s speedier development so every visitor counts. With the beauty and historical wonders Cambodia offers, no wonder tourism is actually on the rise. If you have more or…

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best travel filmmaking gear 2018


Best Travel Filmmaking Gear We get asked this question a lot – what gear do you use to film your vlogs, short movies and travel guides? How do you take your Instagram photos? How do you edit them? And finally, finally, we have put together the list of the best travel filmmaking gear. We have written about what travel gear…

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what to do in nice

WHAT TO DO IN NICE, FRANCE | 10 Best Things to Do

What to Do in Nice, France   Ahh, the beautiful French Riviera. Nice is the perfect getaway from the cold Northern European winters or grey autumns. It is a perfect close destination to soak up some sunshine. Nice is just a short flight away from everywhere around Europe and will definitely give you that sun boosts any time of the…

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